FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Design, Build and Operate Projects 2008

Gold Book – Conditions of Contract for Design, Build and Operate Projects (First Edition 2008)


General Conditions
Particular Conditions
Sample Forms

Following on from the publication of the Orange Book in 1995 and the Red, Yellow and Green Books in 1999 it was clear that there was a growing demand for a standard form combining a design-build obligation with a long-term operation commitment.

The Gold Book form adopts a “green-field” DBO scenario with a 20 year operation period with single contract awarded to a single contracting entity to optimise the coordination of innovation, quality and performance, rather than award separate contracts for design-build and for operation. Under this standard form the Contractor has no responsibility for either financing the project or for its ultimate commercial success. The standard form, as written, is not suitable for contracts which are not based on the traditional DBO sequence, or where the Operation Period differs significantly from the 20 years adopted.

Those who wish to adopt these conditions for use with a different scenario (such as a brown field operate, design, build) or with an operation period significantly different to the 20-year period assumed, are referred to the Gold Book Contract Guide which identifies the clauses which will require amending by including Special Provisions, and gives comprehensive guidelines and suggestions on how the various issues should be addressed. Successful performance of a long-term DBO contract requires that the parties fully understand the overall time framework and the need for a long-term commitment by both the employer and the contractor.

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