IEM Form of Contract (1989)

The Institute of Engineers, Malaysia  or IEM  Forms of Contract is produced in three standard forms:

1) IEM Conditions of Contract for Works mainly of Civil Engineering Construction

2) IEM Standard Conditions of Sub-Contract for use in conjunction with IEM Condition of Contract for Works of mainly Civil Engineering Construction

3) IEM Conditions of Contract for Mechanical and Electrical Works

The IEM forms of contract are essentially hybrid forms of the Institute, except for the Mechanical and Electrical standard form which follows the corresponding FIDIC standard form. These form standard forms of contract are at this time the only domestic standard form of contract which are published for the use in private sector civil engineering and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering contracts in Malaysia. There use is diminishing and now they are used primarily for substructure works and infrastructure works on larger developments. All the IEM standard forms are re-measurement contracts and contain many provisions which are similar to those as contained in the PWD standard forms of contract which place substantial obligations on the Contractor above those commonly contained in FIDIC or similar international contract forms.

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