CIDB Form of Contract

CIDB Form of Contract

The Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) has produced two standard forms of Contract. One is the CIDB Standard form of Contract for Building Works (2000 Edition) and the other is the CIDB Standard Form of Sub-Contract for Nominated Sub-Contractor. It is understood that they are planning on releasing standard forms in respect of design and build and civil engineering works in the future. The two forms of contract do not appear to have been widely adopted by the construction industry at this time.

4 responses to “CIDB Form of Contract

    • Hi Angela,

      I cant really comment on the CIDB, but i do accept that they do not perhaps promote their standard form as much as they could. It is normally the industry which drags its feet as they don’t like change good or bad. I think that once the CIPA bill is passed standard forms will change accordingly and the CIDB Standard Form will be more relevant.

  1. helo,
    i have heard that cidb will release a new form of contract, which instead of using the so called ‘lawyer language’, it will only use the simple english. is it true.may i know if it is sill ongoing or not. i’m currently studying and i am hoping to do a research based on the new form of contract. thank you..

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