FIDIC Silver Book Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects 1999

Silver Book – Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects (First Edition 1999)


General Conditions
Guidance for the Preparation of the Particular Conditions
Forms of Tender and Contract Agreement
Dispute Adjudication Agreement

The Silver Book is suitable for use on process, power and private-infrastructure projects where a Contractor will take on full responsibility for the design and execution of a project. Risks for completion to time, cost and quality are transferred to the Contractor and so the Silver Book is only suitable for use with experienced Contractors with the ability to manage risk. As with many large projects construction is only one part of a wider complicated commercial venture and financial or other failure of the construction project can put the whole venture at risk.

The Silver Book transfers the risk of ground conditions to the Contractor. Similarly the Contractor also assumes responsibility, subject to some exceptions, for the accuracy of the Employers Requirements which is a major difference to usual design and build contracts.

Due to the high level of risk transfer the Employer must allow time sufficient time in its procurement programme for the Contractor to obtain and consider all relevant information before executing the contract. The Employer still retains risks for war, terrorism and Force Majeure.

The Contractor will be given freedom to carry out the work in his chosen manner, provided the end result meets the performance criteria specified by the Employer. Consequently, the Employer may only exercise limited control over the Contractor‟s work. There is no reference to an Engineer in the standard form with the checking of engineering more concentrated on validating the end-performance and validating the potential ease of operation, maintenance and spares.

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