FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction For Building and Engineering works designed by the Employer First Edition 1999

Red Book – Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering works designed by the Employer (First Edition 1999)


General Conditions

Guidance for the Preparation of the Particular Conditions

Forms of Tender and Contract Agreement

Dispute Adjudication Agreement

The Red Book standard form provides conditions of contract for construction works where the design is carried out by the Employer. This edition of the  Red Book has little resemblance to earlier editions. The current edition has dropped the words “civil engineering” from the title indicating a move away from the Red Book as being considered applicable to civil engineering works alone. The Red Book is therefore applicable to any construction works were the Employer provides the design for the works. It does allow for some elements of the project to be Contractor designed, however it is not suitable for use where most of the works are to be designed by the Contractor.

The engineer is required to determine a matter in dispute or settle a claim. He is required to consult with each of the parties to try to reach an agreement. If it is deemed by the Engineer that agreement cannot be reached the engineer must make a fair determination taking account of all relevant circumstances. If an engineer‟s determination is not agreed by either of the parties then the dispute will be referred to a Dispute Adjudication Board for a decision. The  Dispute Adjudication Board is formed of one or three people who are jointly appointed by the parties. If the decision of the Dispute Adjudication Board is not accepted by any of the parties then the final step will be resolution via arbitration.

The General Conditions and the Particular Conditions together comprise the Conditions of Contract. Guidance is provided in the Red Book for the preparation of Particular Conditions should it be necessary to modify the General Conditions. The Guidance Notes includes proposed forms of security such as parent company guarantee, advance payment bond and a retention guarantee which can be selected as applicable to the contract by use of the Particular Conditions.

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