PAM 2006

PAM 2006 Standard Form of Building Contract

The Malaysian Institute of Architects (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia – PAM) form of contract for building works are by far the most often adopted standard forms of contract used for building works in the Malaysian private sector. PAM 2006 is the third generation of the PAM standard form has been adapted greatly from the first generation version known as PAM 1969. The first edition was for practical purposes a lightly amended version of the JCT 1963 standard form of building contract. PAM 2006 comes in two versions, with quantities and without quantities and it was launched on April 2007. The latest edition has received mixed reviews from the industry. Many consider it still to remain cluttered with deficiencies and glaring omissions which many construction and legal practitioners still consider difficult to comprehend and appear to have been carried through from earlier editions.

Depending upon the your point of view you will either consider the latest edition of this form to be more balanced in respect of risk allocation or pro-contractor in comparison with earlier editions such as the second generation PAM 1998 version. There is now provision of elements of contractors design in this latest version which also places greater time constraints on both the contract administrator and contractor in the administration of the contract.

2 responses to “PAM 2006

  1. hi, how do i get a copy of the PAM 2006 building contract? Isit available for download? If not, how do i get access to it? I appreciate your reply…been trying to google but cant find it!! Pls help..Thanks

    • Dear Gayle the standard form of contracts published by PAM are available to purchase from :

      4 & 6 Jalan Tangsi,
      50480 Kuala Lumpur,
      PO Box 10855
      50726 Kuala Lumpur.

      Tel : (+603) 2693 4182
      Fax : (+603) 2692 8782

      Please note that the documents are copyright protected thus unless you obtain a download of the contract from a PAM or similar approved source it would more than likely infringe this copyright.

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