Scott Schedule

Scott Schedule

A Scott Schedule is a standard form of pleading that was originally formulated by George Scott, who was an Official Referee, for use in principally in building disputes.  This standard form in various forms has been adapted and is accepted as a summary of Claims and Disputes not only in Arbitration but also in other litigation and for disputes which arise in many other sectors not just construction.

The concept of the Scott Schedule is that it is a travelling document, which passes between the parties to enable the claimant to firstly set out their arguments and then the defendant to respond to each argument.  It is essential that a proper response is included from the defendant, rather than just “denied” or “not admitted”.  If the disputes then go to Arbitration or alternatively the Courts, the final column in the schedule is used by the Arbitrator or alternatively the judge to set out their Award/Decision reached against each Claim item.

A Sample Scott Schedule is available for download by following the following link: Scott Schedule Sample

The Schedule column headings should be amended to suit the circumstances of the particular dispute with the principle of the Scott Schedule to help present the claims and disputes in a clear manner.