Overview of FIDIC Short Form

The FIDIC Short Form of Contract – Green Book was drafted as a minor works contract to complement the other standard forms in the FIDIC suite of contracts. Initially the Contract was drafted for simple works with a value of less than USD 500,000.00 however it has evolved and now it is used for non-complex works regardless of value as it is clearly the complexity of the works which will determine if the short form is appropriate or not. Currently no financial limited is stated within the standard form or its accompanying notes.

The Green Book continues to reflect the principles and allocation of risk between the parties as the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books. It allows for either lump sum or other pricing and allows for design by either the Employer or the Contractor. There is no Engineer as with the Red and Yellow Books, but the Employer may nominate his Representative which may or may not be a professional engaged to manage the Contract Works. As the name suggests the Short Form is much briefer than the more detailed Red and Yellow Books with only fifteen clauses and four thousand five hundred words compared to the thirty thousand plus, word count for the Red Book. (more)


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