Contemporary Records – FIDIC RED BOOK 4th EDITION

Clause 53 of the Conditions of Contract specifies the procedure which the Contractor must follow in the event that he intends to make a claim under the Contract. A variant of this clause is also included within the current editions of the FIDIC forms of contract and may also to be found in many other standard forms.

In the event that the Contractor intends to claim any additional payment under the Contract Clause 53 makes it a mandatory (more)


2 responses to “Contemporary Records – FIDIC RED BOOK 4th EDITION

  1. Contruction contract is also a commercial contract were records are very fundamental. However, construction professional especially in building and civil work do not ascribe importance to other documents except Article of agreement, Specifications, Contract Drawings, Bills of Quantities , condition of contract. However, may I constrast that ” contemporary record” as mentioned above may become unenforceable in event of claim dispute if they are not contractual to the contract. e.g. manpower plan, quality plan, execution plan, and health, safety and environment plan, risk register. It now means that parties in contract must be aware and define contractual documents.

    • Ojo, What do you mean by contemporary records not being contractual to the contract? Claims in time and money may arise for a variety of reasons, contemporary records may be records required to be kept by the contract or they may be records of fact such as receipts, invoices, and the like I don’t understand where you are going with contract must define contractual documents in respect of contemporary records to be kept and submitted in respect of a claim.