Access to Site and Site Possession – Explained

1) Access to Site

Depending on the precise wording of the Conditions of Contract the term or phrase Access to Site can have a number of meanings or interpretations. Normally Access to Site refers to the means and availability of the Contractors approach to the Site as defined in the Contract. It may also mean the ability to occupy the Site which is commonly referred to as Site Possession or Possession of the Site.

Firstly we will consider Access to the Site on which the Works are to be constructed. Access to the Site is necessary to allow the transportation and delivery of construction materials, plant, labour and equipment as well as to allow the installation and connection of utility services necessary for construction and indeed operation of the completed………(more)

2)   Site Possession

The term possession or use or occupation is contained within many standard forms of contract to describe the Contractors right to enter the Site, occupy and use the Site and carry out the specified Works. During the Contract Period, possession will usually provide the Contractor with such exclusive occupation and use the Site as required to construct the Works. At the end of the Contract Period, the Contractor may require partial occupation of the Site to carry out performance tests. In this case the Contractor use will usually override the Employers operation or use of the facility to conduct such tests. During the defects correction period, the Contractor will usually only require….. (more)


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