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Arbitration in Malaysia – Privacy & Confidentiality

Many consider that the main advantage of arbitration over litigation after perhaps the possible cost savings and the ability to have appointed arbitrators which possess a greater knowledge in the field of construction to be that arbitration proceedings offer privacy and are confidential in their process. Privacy means that the proceedings are not open to […]

Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

The Arbitration Act 2005 has repealed the Arbitration Act 1952 together with the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Act 1985. However it as demonstrated in the following there were still challenges facing a party seeking to enforce a foreign arbitral award under the Foreign Arbitral Awards Convention Act in Malaysia […]

Procedures & Laws Governing Arbitration in Malaysia

At the moment there are, two Arbitration Acts being used in Malaysia, being the Arbitration Act 1952 which is based on the English Arbitration Act of 1889 together with the 2005 Arbitration Act which is largely based on the Model Law and the New Zealand Arbitration Act of 1969. The 1952 Act applies to arbitrations […]


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