Contractors Head Office Overheads Entitlement for Delays

MALCONLAW as added four Articles on the subject of Contractors entitlement to Head Office Overheads and the three main formula adopted to calculate the entitlement as an alternative to the Contractor proving his actual Head Office Overheads where the courts allow.

The articles added are:

Remember entitlement would only exist where the Contractor can:

Establish delay was due to the Employers obligations or risks under the contract or common law.

The Delays resulted in Contractor suffering losses.

The Contractor was prevented from taking on new work as a result of the delay.


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  1. I am Ademola Ojo,QS and Nigerian. I have followed your wealth of articles via the QSlounge facebook. However, I head a construction research firm similar to your where we also publish article on commercial related issues in construction. I wish to request if your firm allows readers to contribute publishable article on your site.
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    • Dear Ojo,

      Thank you for your question. Yes we would accept articles which we consider are suited to the site and are technically correct. In the event you would like to submit articles to be published on Malaysian Construction and Contract Law please email us at