Presentation and Content of a Contractors Delay Claim

Presentation and Content of a Contractors Delay Claim

  1. Cover sheet

A Delay Claims should be presented in a bound volume. Spiral bond is preferred for submission as this limits the risk of lost or misplaced contents. The Cover sheet should state the Project Name together with Claim Reference Number and Title. A Reference number is useful where there are a number of claims of a similar nature on a single project. A concise Cover Sheet complete with contents page gives the claim a professional a professional appearance. In the event that the Claim is large and involves more than…. more


2 responses to “Presentation and Content of a Contractors Delay Claim

  1. Whilst it is necessary for a claimant to establish the correct form of submitting a claim, compiling contemporaneous documents in support of quantum and entitlement, it is also good practice for claim submission to be accompanied with Scott Schedule which summary normally used in case of arbitrating a case. It has as few columns as 4 nos of column which describes the nature of claim, causation, entitlement and quantum. It also has a couple more columns for client’s response and client’s recommendation to quantum. Look up for Scott Schedule for more detail.

    • Dear Zulkifi Mohd Zain,

      Thank you for your input and we agreed that once the claim becomes disputed claim it would be a useful document to attached to the claim documentation. We will in due course address the ‘Scotts Schedule” which is used for all manner of legal disputes as a useful aid. We thank you for your very helpful input on this matter and we are happy that you have taken the time to read this article. If you have any other queries or requests please do not hesistate to contact us. We hope that you have signed up to follow our site via the email updates alternatively you can follow us on Facebook at