Contractors Sample letters (FIDIC Red Book 4th Edition)

Recently MALCONLAW announced that followers of this site and those that registered for our limited period event on Facebook would receive our recently prepared Malaysian Edition of Standard letters for Contractors in the administration of FIDIC Red Book 4th Edition. Over the coming few months we will be issuing similar Malaysian Editions for FIDIC Yellow Book, Gold Book, Silver Book and Short Form, together with both PAM Standard Forms. It you want to get free copies please ensure you join us on Facebook and sign up to follow this blog by email

Remember this is free and there are no obligation


2 responses to “Contractors Sample letters (FIDIC Red Book 4th Edition)

    • At present the letters are not available for general download. They will be added shortly to the Contractors resources section together with Red Book 1999, PAM and Yellow Book 1999. Those that responded to the event on Facebook received advanced copies. Please bear with us and you will be informed when they are available.